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Font for "Pan Fry" and "Microwave"

Can anyone guess what the font for "Pan Fry" and "Microwave" is. They are at an angle so it's hard to figure out.

Thank you so much.



It must be http://Raspoutine Demi Bold (Italic) by Dimitri Castrique

I found it using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

I have to say it seems extremely unlikely that any of Castrique's fonts are legitimate. And if you look at the comments on Dafont you will see some evidence towards that.

Fivos, if I were you I would remove the reference to Raspoutine (and ideally be cautious about recommending any of Castrique's fonts in the future, and even remove them from FindMyFont). If you don't remove the reference simply based on my "red flag", I have to hope that somebody will ID the original that Raspoutine is stolen from, which should encourage you to do so.


hhp - On what basis do you find it 'extremely unlikely'? What is it that raised your 'red flag'? While you might be correct, posting unfounded/uncredited/unreinforced naked accusations reduces your credibility and that of this forum.

I'm sorry I don't usually take the time to elaborate - I hope people realize that these warnings are in good faith, and not elaborating doesn't make them unfounded, "naked" or anything like that. It's just about saving time. There's no reason to be so offensive - you're defending things that probably don't deserve it.

Basically there are too many tell-tale signs. When I look at Castrique's fonts, some of them are strongly reminiscent of commercial fonts I've seen (I just don't know their names, I'm sorry to say). And the skill required to make certain aspects of his fonts don't come easily; you hear about people at that level*, plus they very rarely give their work away. Lastly, some of his fonts have glaringly horrible glyphs mixed in with highly accomplished ones - like the "g" in Qlassik. For people who make fonts (as opposed to just looking at them) it's really pretty obvious what's going on, sorry to say.

* Or you can Google them.

Considering how good people like Ryuk, Dick and others are at IDing fonts, I'm sure the original* will turn up. If it doesn't, I hope that's not because of some unwritten rule that once a close-enough ID has been made, One Must Not Disclose A More Restrictive/Expensive Font...

* Hopefully including the originals of Castrique's other designs, so we can establish a pattern, and exclude his fonts from future IDs.

BTW what bothers me is that virtually nobody ever "faces the music" and admits that a given recommendation was a bad idea, no matter how clearly damning the evidence is. If this is some sort of battle against ethical behavior "cramping the style" of hedonistic IDing for its own sake, some people are only losing this battle against themselves.

That is what reduces the credibility of Typophile.


Thank you for clarifying your premises and describing the tell-tale signs that trigger your comments. Incidentally, in this case I've so far been unable to find any font, commercial or otherwise, that might have served as an original source.

We should confirm the proof before making the accusations. Just because one font looks like another is not sufficient to suggest fraud. "Strongly reminiscent of commercial fonts" is not enough proof.

Just because one font is shown at Dafont and not at MyFonts should not be enough reason either. Many (Most) very competent designers freely give away their work such as "demo" fonts.

IDers don't aim for free fonts. They look for fit. Top priority for IDing fonts is Match not Price. Second priority is to find valid source. The unwritten rule, which is heavily enforced, is not to link to underground font collections. We all won't identify a font if it's from known copyists or counterfeiters. We probably shouldn't give any names what with Google and all.

Whether you like or don't like a character design is not enough reason to condemn a font. Somebody used it in a graphic design. It is somebody's child - albeit an ugly one.

I don't think there's an "original font" for every perturbation of a design, note the so-call "glaringly horrible" /g in Qlassk. It's easy to design something slightly different but we can't rightfully then say "that's horrible".

Of course, font iding is not tasked with recommending fonts, it is to find the font being used. Whether a design is used commercially, or not, is never asked. We never say "use this font for private purposes only" and use this other one for commercial endeavors. It is assumed that designers will use the answer honestly.

Reducing the credibility of Typophile is making accusations based on feelings not facts.

People don't need Proof to be cautious.

If you class Fit above Legitimacy, you are unethical, and unwise. If you see a kidnapped child, don't befriend the kidnapper. The problem is you suck at identifying kidnapping, even when somebody points it out to you. I think it's because you don't care about the very things you derive so much pleasure IDing, and certainly not the people who struggle to make them. All you care about is getting credit for an ID, and quite often you end up closer to the problem than the solution.

We all won't identify a font if it's from known copyists or counterfeiters.

You need to expand and refine your grasp of what's illegitimate, based not least on input from people like me.


i believe Legacy Sans may be a good choice for this. it is not exact, but there also appear to be some glow/edge effects in play as well which may have eaten up some of the E.


[to follow]

First, I have to agree on almost everything written by DPape above.

@Hrant: I introduced to Typophile by a friend of mine which is a font designer. I know him for 25+ years and I fully understand and appreciate the effort required and the experience involved in the art of creating a good typeface.
Although I'm with you on your overall spirit to protect this place from being "just another ID site" and protect also the rights of legitimate font designers, I don't agree with your ways of doing so and the intuitive way you define "legitimacy".

You can't just harass any people looking for an ID or ambush them by "innocent looking questions" and you can't also assume that any people providing an Id, value the joy of id-ing more than the work of legitimate font designers.
You have to admit (to yourself) that you seem to enjoy promoting your personal image as the "Typophile Batman".

About Find my Font Online database: We are very careful on which fonts/sites we include and which are not, and this is under constant reconsideration on a font by font basis. We decided to not include any of well known copy/clone foundries (Brendel, Arts & Letters, Softmaker) with the idea of "err on the safe side" although many of them officially sell their fonts e.g. on MyFonts.com.
We also decided to not include links to any site directly offering commercial font downloads but we do included free fonts from "Dafont" and "Google Web Fonts" considering that the ratio of (value offered) / (possible illegitimacy) is really big. Dafont.com contains at the moment about 20.000+ fonts and although many of them could be ugly, with wrong kerning, etc., I think only a small fraction are actual clones of commercial fonts and an even smaller percent involves actual outline theft.

More than that, if you go to any font page of findmyfont.com you can find a feedback tab which is designed with this sole purpose: To allow any visitor to report a font as illegitimate, plagiarized, etc and allows us to check and remove it from our online matching database. We have removed 10ths of fonts this way and put it on a "black list" to ensure that they will never go back to our database, but we need real evidence for this, not just "I have a feeling that this font looks like a commercial font I saw somewhere".

About my Id's in Typophile and this specific font Id:
When I first involved in Find my Font software development, I downloaded a lot of fonts from various internet sources and I combined them with our commercial font collections bought from Linotype, Adobe etc. in an effort to test the ability of the software to accurately handle a large number of fonts (this is a large private collection used only for testing purposes and it has nothing to do with our official online font database offered by Find my Font).
Every time I'm ready to post an answer here on a Typophile Id-request forum -especially if a matching font is not coming from a well known legitimate foundry- I run the font(s) found against this large private font collection.
If there are many matching fonts (under different names/foundries etc) I search the net for more info to investigate which one(s) could be a legitimate font match.
If I'm still not sure about the legitimacy of a font, I simply skip this font-id request and don't publish any answers - this is a (my) "err on the safe side" action.

In case of "Raspoutine", I can't find any close similar fonts (either commercial of free).
If anybody can spot such a font, I will gladly remove the font name from all my posts in this thread.

I don't enjoy promoting any image - that might be an unfortunate side-effect.

We are very careful on which fonts/sites we include and which are not, and this is under constant reconsideration on a font by font basis.

That's wonderful to hear, and in fact very different than Dick's attitude that IDing a font is more important than ethics ("Second priority is to find valid source.").

Considering you run a large database I think your stance on Raspoutine is rational. I myself would be more cautious because outline theft is much more difficult to prove*, but it's often a big problem, at least in the context of Typophile.

* Hey, it would be nice to have software that helps us do that! :-)


@hrant: So the first priority is to find a valid source and then to id the font correctly? Not sure that would ever work.

How come your posting counts are missing from the list?

Here's the recipe:
1) Find the font.
2) Does it smell funny?
3) If it doesn't smell funny, publish the ID. If it smells funny, keep it to yourself (hint: this is the part that requires a conscience).
4) If somebody -especially somebody with a better nose, like somebody who has actually made fonts- sees it and says it smells funny, seriously consider unpublishing the ID.

The secret ingredient is Caring. About fonts and their makers.

I'll buy you a copy of the software if you promise to try to id a font.

Right. Those two things are at the same level...

Oh, and it's not about quantity.


hrant does not speak for Typophile. You are under no obligation to self-censor based on his opinions.

Yes, you should only self-censor based on respect for others, especially taking into account the context of the thing and the place.


@Hrant; that buying sentence didn't make the final edit ... It got turned into "Did Typophile strip out your posting counts for some reason?"

@Chris: it's really not a easy as you suggest. His age, experience, maturity, knowledge, (oh, and nose) does mean his opinions are weightier than others'. Even when they are wrong!!

What I've been doing is much harder.