formula One logo typeface?????

Thanks for any help! just making chapter divides for my thesis.


I don't think it's a typeface, more a custom lettering. I don't know any font having /F and /1 that could fit together so perfectly.
And if you have a [[|closer look]], that looks not even well drawn to me. But, if you still need something to start with, you could take any generic sans of your choice, from Futura, Avant-Garde or even Gill Sans, slanting it on purpose. A quick way would be using [[|Diamanti Diagonal]].

my thoughts exactly. the "base" appears to be (to me) Futura, in a heavier weight (hard to say exactly due to the amount of extra stretching/slanting). The F is not a letter at all, rather a 1 placed over a black box to create the effect of a letter. finding the 1 with only that single character will be the chore.

I have to say, for something as high-profile as Formula 1 the logo has always struck me as crass and cheap.

Agree with you Gräfenberg. To me, it's another example of good concept/(very)bad execution and hard to admit for such an inspiring theme...