High contrast extended sans, feedback needed.

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Hello Typophile,

I'm working on a piece of lettering with plans of extending it to a full display typeface later.
I would highly appreciate any professional feedback on this stage.
(yep i want to stick with such leg for "R"=)

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First, I like it. Second, I'd be glad to help but I don't want spend my time giving bad or incomprehensible explanations. Is it possible for you to provide a sample as PDF or vector in order to easily "modify" your lettering? Third, I'm no professional at all.

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@nrcs: Is this a personal, professional, or academic project?

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Those gently flaring thin strokes are the best thing about this design, so work that good.

Ryuk, nice to see you on this side. :-)


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@Ryuk: Thank You. Sure. Sorry i'm still not familiar with managing content here, so can i just post a direct link?

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@Chris Dean: I'd call it semi-personal work. It's part of a branding project for my fellow fashion designer.

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But I'm quite fond of the 'drawn charm', it breaks a bit from the wingless version. buy backlinks

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That there is an update well before the machine has connected to the outside world. buy backlinks

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