Mystery Font - Please help identify

Trying to take an old logo from paper to digital... This font is an older one and has proved elusive. I'd love to know if by name for typesetting.... the S is a bit wonky here, the design has it pulled longer.

Any Help is greatly appreciated!


If you only need these letters I would simply redraw it, shouldn’t take but a few minutes.

Sorry, don't know this type (if it was). May be Dick or Fivos will. Anyway, if you need only these letters, I can only second what Gräfenberg said and redraw the all thing, that would not take too much time. This /a rings me a bell though (from T-26?) but as I was unable to spot it, here are some alternatives: Highbus, Zafra, Venus Envy, Fishmonger

I have started redrawing it and the rest of it, we wanted it to typeset more, update some things. I'm going to look for a font to compliment it.
I'm new to these boards but hope to participate and lend a font identify. thanks!