Aloha Script and Aloha Script Casual

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Aloha! Veteran Sign Painter Pierre Tardif and Lettering Artist Charles Borges de Oliveria have teamed up to bring you these fun to use brush fonts. Aloha Script comes in two flavors: Aloha Script and Aloha Script Casual. Both fonts contain the same lowercase, alternates, and ligatures – the difference is in the capitals. By mixing both fonts you can create a variety of unique logos. Aloha Scripts Casual can be set in all caps for greater emphasis on captions. Both fonts contains over 100 alternate characters, as well as an assortment of ligatures, swashes and underlines. With over a year and a half in development, Aloha is bound to please. Great for logo design, signs, posters, culinary food packaging and so much more. Aloha Script and Aloha Script Casual are $49.95 each – or you can purchase both fonts for a discounted price of $79. Aloha!

Available at
Coming soon to all major Font retailers :)

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Nice one Charles.

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Thanks Michael!

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Wow, beautiful. Love the 'S'.

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Nice font. I like it.

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Nice work, you've done a great work on the alternates.

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Charles, you have an uncanny ability to come up with GREAT scripts that I wish that I had thought of. Oh, how I hate you… ;Þ

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Thank you Lasko, I am happy that you like it :)
Thanks sim. I appreciate it!
Too funny Nick! Thanks BTW!

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