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Soho Body Text

Hey everyone!

Has anyone noticed that it is difficult to set body text in Soho Regular?

For me Regular it seems a bit to dark, whereas Light does the job much better. Also, probably due to the large x-height the Auto leading value of 120% is way too tight. Although, I think the large x-height is also responsible for high legibility and readability in small sizes, which is a good thing.

My own experimentation led me to a decision of using Soho Light 7.5/11.5 pt or 8/12 pt for body text.

Does anyone have any experience working with this typeface? Any comments/tips?

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It does make sense that a dark font with a large x-height is ideal for smaller text - as long as it's loose enough. But if you have to track it looser to work, the font needs to be fixed (because "boundary conditions", like the right side of the "r" will go wrong).