Call for beta testers on mobile app.

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I am a product manager working on a new prototype for a mobile typography app. I need some typographers and designers to have a look and potentially participate in a free beta program. I would like to gain some insight into what would be interesting for you and what may or may not be useful. If you are interested please let me know by going to and you can sign up there. There will be limited spaces.

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A little more information would be useful. Going to your site, all I see is a sign-up dialog. There's no indication of what might be involved, what background or experience you're looking for, what platforms the tester should have access to, the possible scope of the effort, etc.
- Herb

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Agreed. I like to try out new type-related products and services, but before entering personal data, I would like to know who is behind it, what it is about and where it is headed.

BTW: Have you cleared that name with Linotype? Helpetica set in Helvetica with just one letter changed from the most famous trademark in the type industry. That sound's like trouble.

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