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Logo from a english school

Hi, recently i was searching for some english schools here in brazil and came across this particular one, and i liked the font they use in the school's logo, can you help me identify it?

Thank you very much.


looks like a custom job to me, based on the following:

specs state "obligatory white wire" which to me is not included in the text. and

which appears to be modified lettering for the C. note the strange/inconsistent curve at the inside bottom.

fonts like Futura, Avant Garde, etc may have characters close enough for you to manipulate for a similar look.

Amazing defiantone, thank you very much for your help, i will try to work something around and reach the same effect as they did.

Best regards from Brazil.

Great snooping, Jodie!

Another clue that this was not a font is the total lack of optical compensation (for example the points of the "N" not projecting beyond the bounds).

BTW, fresh out of the oven: