Looking for a serif font that matches DIN (LightAlternate)

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Hello everybody,

i am currently writing a tutorial book about 3D design with an artistic spirit in design and typo and so on. Most of the papers in categories that have a lot to do with computers etc are not that much enjoyable to read according to layout and design :)
which i cannot understand because 3D professionals actually should provide a certain sense for design!

however, i decided to use DIN LightAlternate or RegularAlternate for text and now am looking for a nice contrasting serif font for headlines!
I already considered Big Caslon, Mrs Eaves and Perpetua Titling but I don't know... probably they are still too boring (?)
The headlines can be a little squiggy because the book itself will be kind of classic (which is also the reason why i would not like the text to be in a serif font too because i like the contrast between classic and simplicity (DIN) )

Thank you in advance!!

Big Caslon

Perpetua Titling

Mrs Eaves

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Some opinions:
- Are you sure it's a good idea to use DIN for the text? Is there not a lot of text?
- Caslon and Perpetua are very old-fashioned. Mrs Eaves is more interesting, but it's horribly spaced, so you would need to manually respace every single setting.
- I don't know what "squiggy" means. :-)
- Instead of extreme contrast between text and titles I might aim for more harmony, choosing a squarish face for the titles (maybe Melior, or preferably something more recent). But first make sure you want to use DIN.


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Frutiger’s Egyptienne F may be a good serif match for DIN, but unlike Melior (which I love) it doesn’t look so old-fashioned, at least to me. And I second Hrant, you may want to consider using the serif face for text and DIN for the headlines.

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