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Din Modernization


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I did intend to post here before it was finished asking for comments and alike, but now it's done already.

For learning fontlab studio I took my favourite font DIN 1451 and added some ligatures. When the course entitled "Project work" came around I had already set my mind to either doing my own complete font, or modernizing DIN as far as time would allow me to. The course gave me 100 hours, but I likely put in closer to twice that.


Typophile forums beeing somewhat unintuitive, I wanted to save-mid writing and ended up posting that.

What I actually did was
Adding glyphs to make it support Unicode Basic latin, latin-1 supplement & Latin Extended-A
Added and coded 13 ligatures, alternate ligatures (and made two stylistic alternate of ligatures)
Added a few (poorly implemented) characters and glyphs, alpha, omega, florin and a few others.
Added stylistic alternates (rounded letters with dieresis and i dots / dashed 0 and unimplemented alternate ligatures)
Added a few kerning classes & exceptions.

Both myself and my teacher/handler enjoyed this project.
I'll gladly take comments, critique or whatever you'd like to say.

I'd also like to point out that this was my first real typographic work / time using fontlab and that I was 17 when I made this.


If this were to be released, wouldn't it be in violation of FontShop's EULA as a derivative work?
- Herb


It's based on Adobe's DIN 1451 mittelschrift, and it's very unlikely that it'll ever be released.
Quite sure they allow derivative work for personal use and my handler did say that I could ask Adobe to license it from me (about as likely as that it'll ever be released)


Yes, Adobe's EULA is a bit more flexible. It's a pity that such innovative work must remain underground. Your handler's suggestion to contact Adobe sounds reasonable. One never knows! - Herb


I'm in favor of this sort of thing... but it must not be released.

There is however a gray area, at least when it comes to certain Adobe fonts: if all parties involved buy a license to the original, they should be OK in acquiring the derivative as well.



I can see few problems in diacritics, that you should solve before trying to do anything more with it:

- Polish ogonek is not a some addon or accent like acute or slash, it is a intergral part of a letter. So in most cases it's smoothly connected to the letter. See polish diacritics at bottom.
- Caron should be in optical middle of the letter. See diacritics.eu at bottom.
- Caron with /t, /d, /l (ť, ď, ľ) should be more closer to the letter and tighter.
- Ring over letter like Ů should be much more stronger.
- Circumflex above h should be above the stem in the middle. See ilovetypography.com at bottom.
- I think breve is too wide.
- Double crossed t? (9th line at the end)
- tcedilla should be tcommaacent
- udieresis is missing (or it isn't on behance) uhungarumlaut is only for hungarian language
- commaaccent diacritics is missing - letters like R, N, G, T, r, n, g, t

Links to study:

Feel free to ask any question.


Jan, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to write all this help.
My project wasn't to re-make anything DIN 1451 has, it was to extend and modernize it, hence I didn't do üÜ/ß (even if I could perhaps do a lowercase eszett).

Frankly, in my unknowing pursuit of making something acceptable for personal use, I just went after Latin extended-A and the parts of Latin-1 Supplement I had time for.
(these exact lists

Explaining both Ŧ/ŧ and Ű/ű

Knowing quite little about languages that actually use most of these accents and how they use them I generally just went with what fontlab gave me and tried to align it to the optical midpoint, fix anything I found aesthetically unpleasing and hint it.

If I find the time and/or motivation for it I'll fix these problems now, but in a few months it'll almost guaranteed to be fixed.


Fontlab sometimes give you misadvice with the accents, so it is better for you to find out how to do it properly.
The changes I wrote are for few hours.

Good luck with finishing this project.