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What font is this?

Does anybody know what font this is?
Thanks in advance.


Very close to Greta, digitized by Dan X. Solo for Dover Publications.
It comes with the CD-ROM and book “24 Moderne Display Fonts”.

More info:

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Dover Publications-Dan X Solo/Greta
Cannot find current provider.

Solopedia lists that as the only digital version, available on the 24 Moderne Display Fonts CD & Book.

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It can be found at Fontpark dot net

And it can be downloaded from copyfonts dot com.
I don't know what the story is with a large sub-group of Dan Solo's digitizations that are no longer available from the usual merchants. In particular, just about NONE of the fonts included on the assorted 24-font CD / Book combinations from Dover publication can be found, while many of his fonts are at myfonts.

Thanks a lot everybody.

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I don't think any of the fonts from Dan Solo's CD/Book publications were ever [legitimately] published elsewhere, they were created just for Dover in the 1990s. Those digitizations, while not the worst, leave a lot to be desired. His later fonts were published through MyFonts in 2004/2005, and seem to be of much higher quality.

FWIW, Greta is apparently based on a 1975 Mecanorma font called Garbo (get it?) by Gary Cooke.

Good find, Justin.

BTW, whoever is getting the proceeds from sales of Solo's fonts on MyFonts is probably the ideal recipient of donations for use of his other fonts.


Thanks for the match, Justin - In Solo's "100 Moderne Alphabets" the typeface is shown as "Garbo".