Identify typewriter 1953-1955 from number font attached.

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Can you help me? Sample of typing shows only a few letters and numbers ... I cannot find a number typeface online that matches this example.

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To clarify — are you trying to determine what model of typewriter was used to type this, or are you looking for a digital font that looks similar? Is that the best image you have?

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Russ, welcome to Typophile. You'll find that most users of this site are happy to help a fellow professional (or non-professional) tackle a creative problem. On other hand, most of us are wary of providing litigation support without compensation, and without even knowing whether we're witnesses for the plaintiff or the defendant. I think you'll get more helpful responses if you share a bit of why you need to identify these letters.

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Good nose, Victor.

And if you want the expert on "forensic typography", Thomas Phinney is your man.


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I wouldn't have any particular qualms about helping you if I could, but the image is so fuzzy and pixelated, and the text so short, that narrowing it down to a specific model seems nearly impossible.

When do you think this document was typed? Is there a particular machine that you're trying to prove could or could not have typed it?

And, yes, letting us know what this is all about might help — not only to put our consciences at ease, but also to help us look at your question from the right direction.

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The closest I've been able to find are:

1) A font based on the Splendid Olympia Typewriter, named Splendid 66. The unique combination of that particular '5' and the open '4' tends to eliminate most candidates.

and, not as close,

2) Royal 200 typewriter. There's a current digital font by "Mr. Fisk" named Typewriter Royal 200 .

The text (Jan and Apr) in your image is too garbled to be of any use.

- Herb

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> most of us are wary of providing litigation
> support without compensation

I could see opinions posted here being used to guide a lawyer's thinking about a case, but its unlikely that they'd be submitted as evidence in a trial. A lawyer would need to present the poster's credentials to establish them as an expert witness, plus these posts are not made under oath, and the poster cannot be cross-examined.

A member of my family frequently works as an expert witness and it's a gruelling process, done under oath, and his opinions are always challenged and must be defended.

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