Help with id for this floral serif font

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Hi. I am trying to track down this font seen here in the word "wishes." I can find lots of similar serif fonts, but nothing with the floral cut-outs. Sample is attached. Thanks!

Wishes Font Id.jpeg222.51 KB
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here is the image.

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not only are the embellishments hand drawn, so is the word "wishes."

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Don't know that one (which looks hand-created), but similarly decorated fonts include Saphir (Linotype, Mecanorma, and others), Gypsy Rose, and more.
- Herb

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Typographer Mediengestaltung/Zierinitialen2
Digitized and hinted by Dieter Steffmann, Kreuztal
Can't find current source.

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Google, Bing and the rest stopped working?


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Just about all of Steffmann's fonts, including this one, are available at Typoasis

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Thanks a ton to all!!!

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