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What font is used here?

Hey guys,

I need to figure out what font this is... hope you can help me out!
Much appreciated.



duplicate post

Type it as one whole word at Myfonts. I tried posting the name and the link and received a notification from Typophile that it was spam. I then tried typing it as the name of the font only, without the link, and was told the same thing. The only way it worked was to break up the word like that.

Think I'm going to stop participating here. Between this nonsense and some overbearing behavior about posts, I'm losing interest with this community

Wow, I just tried to edit that ^ and was told there was a problem and to try again in 17 seconds. Then it didn't work when I tried it again.

Yeah I'm not sure what is going on either. I just tried to reply but it labeled that as spam as well. Interesting.

I tried editing my second post (which is no longer here) again and Typophile deleted the whole post.

Search for the name I posted as one whole word. Typophile is blocking all of my posts including the one with the link.

duplicate post

duplicate post

duplicate post

Thanks Josev. I appreciate the help.

I literally just joined, so I cannot agree or disagree with your feelings on the subject. I guess I'll just have to find out for myself.

Seems like that post was deleted, though.