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Ivy League font

Looking for an ID on this font (or similar) please. Princeton University, circa 1910?

sorry about the image resolution and the fact that it's only one letter. (Clearly not the same as some of the more angular 'blocky' college fonts- looks to me as if the serifs are curved not block type, but could just be my eyes!)

suggestions and thought please folks. Many thanks


Are you just looking to duplicate the "P" or do you need an entire typeface?

Thanks for the reply. Ideally I'd like to get the full typeface but I realise this could be a tall order, so a font that has a similar 'P' would do okay!

I've tried to focus my search on slab serifs with curved transition (Egyptienne/Clarendon) with a varsity/college feeling. Here are some, matching only /P specifications, hoping there'd be at least one that could meet your expectations: Egyptienne, Clarendon (MT version here), Xenia (the only one with straight-legged /R, more "varsity" to me), Gold Fever (Bookman track I've decided not to follow because too far from varsity style to me)
The other option would be to start with any geometric slab serif of your choice and rework transitions for each letters you need. Here is what I've done starting from Rockwell, reworking serif transition and recreating /O and /C (may be /R leg would have need some tweaking).

Dear Ryuk

Thank you so much for your input! The font suggestions (particularly Xenia) are definitely the sort of thing I was looking for!
Thanks too for taking the time to play around with Rockwell and create the text image you posted...more food for thought.

Again, many thanks and best wishes