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Redesigning logo - need help with font

Hi everyone, new here at the forums. I'm redesigning a logo and I can't for the life of me find its font. Can you guys give me a hand?




Hi Rodrigo, Welcome to Typophile. It has been my experience that you get more feedback if you use your real name as your screen name. It used to be somewhat of a convention.

Also, good design is based upon informed decisions. Not shooting from the hip. Just think of the phrase "to do something by design, as opposed to by accident.” To help the group, can you tell us a bit about the context? Goals? Audience &c? Without this, people will only be able to provide you with subjective aesthetic feedback.

(and you might want to avoid bumping posts in the future)

Chris, the guy is just looking for an ID. And do you really think the people who ID fonts here are avoiding him because he only shows his real name in his profile and not his screen name (which BTW was never a convention as far as I've seen)? Some people don't even use their real/full name anywhere and they get plenty of help:
http://typophile.com/node/100663 ("gio181", "john smith", really?!)

Using a real name in the full profile is a great idea, but to me -and I think most people- the screen name is supposed to be more compact, and an opportunity for personal expression. I think there are more pressing ways to raise standards around here.

Rodrigo, you're not doing anything wrong, don't worry. When people don't know what font it is (and this actually doesn't even look like it might be a font) they don't say "I don't know". Sometimes nothing comes up - don't be too discouraged.


@hrant: I speak from experience. A real name as a screen name did make a significant difference. I was asked to do so by older members, and say the same conversation on numerous occasions. From moderators. You were there, I’m surprised you don’t remember. The logic — to my understanding — behind using a real name as a screen name was essentially to make you look a little more professional, grown-up, less goofy, pick a word. Imagine walking into a room full of strangers and introducing yourself by your nickname “Skippy” when your real name is Thomas. A first impression thing.

As far as compact goes, that’s moot. It does not appear in the body of the thread.

For “more pressing ways to raise standards around here” please do email your suggestions to the appropriate persons. I’d be more than happy to put them on my list. We’re always looking for feedback on how to make Typophile a better place. From new and old members alike.

And we all know how you feel about the ID board. I shudder to think how you’d react if the majority of people started bumping posts that didn’t get responses. If anything, my initial response was motivated to protect Rodrigo from your wrath. I stand (ironically) corrected!

Long/short, just some advice. I meant no ill will. Carry on.

I think you're discouraging Rodrigo from ever posting again. For one thing thinking that he was asking for a design critique doesn't cast Typophile in a great light... Neither does making it sound too officious; call me crazy but I don't think most members are really seeing this place as some sort of job fair...

Concerning the effect of using a real name as a screen name (or really, even just in the profile) I would bet real money that a statistical analysis would only reveal a statistically insignificant effect. I'm talking specifically about the ID section, mind you. You could also ask Ryuk, Dick and the other ID experts if they mind the lack of real names. If they don't say anything here/now, it's probably simply because it has nothing to do with IDing a particular font. Not everybody likes discourse, which is totally OK, as long as they don't mind others doing it:

The reason I don't remember people pressuring you to use your real name in your screen name is probably because it was pointless of them. And the people who disagreed with them probably just stayed quiet. BTW, I'm guessing that incident was not in the ID section... I hope you realize how different the ID section is compared to the rest of Typophile (which is normal).

Also, compactness is not at all moot, when you consider that people type each other's screen names when addressing them. BTW a signature can also be useful in that respect, because it's more visible than the screen name (especially at the end of reading a post) and is often shorter (like "hhp").

BTW, I assume you're going to send a message to gio181? Or is the plan to only go after people who are already not having any luck here?

my initial response was motivated to protect Rodrigo from your wrath.

That's an offensive -and confused- thing to say.

I have never minded people asking for an ID - it's an entirely acceptable thing to do; and bumping a thread is totally OK as well - I don't think it's helpful to get on Rodrigo's case for that. In fact I (along with people like Stephen and Yves, who have now withdrawn 99% - ask yourself why) used to help ID fonts in the past, in fact much faster* and without acting as a proxy human robot to some canned IDing software. I've even said Typophile should have an ID board (to avoid IDs being posted in incorrect areas). The thing I mind -and I am not alone, I simply haven't given up on you yet- is the anti-designer attitude among a tiny minority of people who provide IDs (and I've even stopped confronting them). Fix that instead of fussing over cosmetic tweaks and you'll be helping Typophile for real.

* http://www.typophile.com/node/14480

There is a disturbing lack of observation skills here.


I've looked for it as have many others probably and can't find something close, so will take a stab that it's handwritten and probably not a full font...

i've looked at this several times, using different methods and have nothing to suggest.

Thank you everyone for the welcome and your answers - I initially thought it was a custom design too, but since I've seen other fonts with similar handwritten style I wanted to be sure if there was one out there before recreating it myself.

I will wait a bit more if someone can identify a similar full fledged font for this, otherwise I'm vectorizing it.

By the way, I'm not sure what my username has anything to do with getting a proper answer (or not) since most users here have nicknames. I thought the "Full name" field in each user's profile fulfilled that very same purpose.

Not sure what you really meant in your second paragraph either, Chris. I'm not asking for feedback on the logo, why would I? This is a topic requesting font identification in the TypeID board (crazy I know) for a client who requested me to redesign it. I know very well where to post if I ever wanted to get feedback.

Otherwise, thank you for the advise regarding bumped posts.

Rodrigo: Don't mind Dean. We all have faults here, and sometimes Dean comes off, intentionally or not, as officious and pompous.

Sometimes bumping a post is like repeatedly pressing a doorbell if someone doesn't answer soon enough. Also, if a post has zero replies, it's obvious there is no answer. Some might assume a post with several replies, all bumps, might already have been answered.

Chris: "my initial response was motivated to protect Rodrigo from your wrath."
Trading yours for his is no bargain. And, yes, it is offensive.

"can you tell us a bit about the context? Goals? Audience &c?"
What the hell does that have to do with an ID?

"please do email your suggestions to the appropriate persons."
A list of those persons with their email addresses would be nice. Wasn't there a thread where people could post their suggestions?

"A real name as a screen name did make a significant difference."
Probably more so for moderators.

Chris, "bezmetic" -a brand new member- just got four people tripping over each other with the exact same info wanting to help him:
And they would have done so even if it said "Osama bin Laden" in his profile.


because he didn't completely read the first answer...