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Display typeface: SNAP!

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Lasse Johnsen's picture
Joined: 30 Mar 2005 - 11:16am
Display typeface: SNAP!


Im a graphical designer that just recently got completely addicted to typeface design. Im very happy i found this forum because obvously i will need some professional help =)

This is one of my first attempts at designing a typeface. Im making it mainly for use as a display font in print graphics and websites.

Thanks in advance.
- Lasse

Typeface: SNAP!

Linus Boman's picture
Joined: 18 Dec 2004 - 2:02am

I quite like this concept, altough there’s some issues with the way its working technically.

There are a few characters in the lower case that could use tweaking:

“m” i like, but consider splitting the two strokes that make it up (the “r” like shape and the other curve) and spacing them a little. At the moment the two are so close we almost lose the mid-stem all togther — it’s losing it’s “m”iness.

“t” not working yet. try some other solutions, like the reverse J look —  if you know what i mean. (sorry don’t have time to mock-up visual samples).

“q” seems that the stalk is too short. “w” seems too flat and the mid-stem needs to come up higher.

In the uppercase the C, E, F, J, P & R are all significantly skinnier than the other glyphs. I guess this was intentional, any reason why these characters?

Solid effort overall. Forgive me everyone for getting my type-anatomy wrong. It’s too late and I’m too tired to whip out Bringhurst’s Elements to cross-reference. Please, give me some feedback in turn on my sans-serif.


Eben Sorkin's picture
Joined: 22 Jan 2004 - 4:19pm

I agree with Linus.

The font looks great when you spell your name out in it. Those characters looks good together. For now I will assume that that is the flow you want to achive with the rest of the font.

I would add some suggestions.

Use more space between the letters so we can see them better. They seem squished together in the sample.

Caps: Maybe pull the ends of the cap C around further fallowing the path of the cap O. The D is overly wide. Why not drop the foot of Cap J down below the baseline? The Cap K seems like an H. A small adjustment could make a big difference. The cap M seems a little wider than it needs to be. Again small change is what I suggest. What about Pulling the foot of the R out from the stem farther? Or a Bigger counter for both the P & R? Not both probably. How about a straight vertical tail on the Q? The W needs work. I can imagine 4-5 ways to change it. The Z is a little regular compared to the other interesting letters. Maybe treat it a bit more like the S?

Lowercase: The e needs work. It stands out & doesn’t flow. it’s an important character so I would do lots of versions until you get one that flows. I like the a. I thing the f most be taller. Otherwise it is a mixed lowercase small cap thing which is too wonky for the cool spacy elegance of the Caps. I really like the ghij. Same for the k as the f. What about a double mid stem for the m? Like two overnapped ‘n’s? Maybe too wacky also. Just a smooth double hump might be good… I think the q needs a decending tail. The s feels cluncky to me. Whay not adopt the approach of the elegant Cap S? As Linus said the t needs reworking. I would try several ideas & see which ones feel closer to the feeling of the caps. Not that they should use the shapes of the caps — just the feeling. The w also needs reworking.

Sweet font!