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Hi everyone,
Can anybody help me to identify the font used by the IRB in most of the Rugby World Cups logos?

rugby_world_cup_2015_logo_ban_by_grantskene-d4awdz2-580x360.png138.96 KB
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I found out already that the numbers are a "Dairyland" but the text is another font I haven't found yet...

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England is handel gothic

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“RUGBY WORLD CUP” looks almost like Frutiger, though not quite.
“ENGLAND” could be Handel Gothic.
The numbers look custom-made, and not very well at that.
[Edit:] Unless it’s available in more weights than the one on MyFonts, the numbers are not in Dairyland. They are too thin.

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Should be their corporate typeface simply called "RWC" and, according to this previous discussion, designed by Witekite. It somehow mixes influences from Handel Gothic (as suggested by Mans) and Akagi.

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