What font does Peski use?

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Hello - I am working on a project and came across this font. It is everything I have always wanted in a font - does anyone know what it is call or where it can be bought?

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There's at least 4 different font here but I guess you're talking about the one used for main logo "peski". Anyway, you'll probably not like what I'm going to say but looks custom to me. You could take any generic sans of your choice, from Futura (Bitstream and Berthold versions look closer), Twentieth Century, Neutraface, Avenir or Century Gothic (used to write "NEWS" on right). Start with oblique (or not), shear it (or not), add an outline stroke to round it, extend /k ascender (depending on base font), recreate /p (probably the hardest) and /i dot (from /i?).

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I think the ‘P’ is simply the capital, lowered and with the vertical stem extended downwards. Then the customisation is pretty simple.

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