Chromebook PIxel: an expensive 239ppi web browsing "netbook"

By comparison, Surface Pro is 207.82 ppi and a MacBook Pro 13" is 227 ppi. My iPhone 4s, by comparison stands tall at 326 ppi, although the next generation of phones (like HTC One) should pass it by.

Should I switch to the metric system when discussing this?

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Hmm.... I can't see how to edit this post.... I would like to fix the link so that it's clickable. Am I missing something obvious?

My reply has an 'edit' link, but not my original post?

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As far as I know, once the original post is up it can't be edited. My spellin' ain't the best so I really have to check several times before I hit the Post button ...and even then I still screw up.


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Don't think you can edit the original post. Just correct the link in a follow-up post.

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Forget the metric system: switch to “who gives a rat’s ass” mode…

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I give several rats' asses.

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Are we talking a US rat's ass (5.24 cm) or a British rat's arse (5.38 cm)? I'm not sure what the old French cul de rat was in metric.

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