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What type of letters are these and is there a similar font?

I recently stumbled upon this lovely logo for The Beaufort by The Company You Keep. I'm not educated in typography so I would appreciate if someone could tell me two things:

1. More about the type of letters used for this logo. Anything about the origins and usage so I could find more instances that look alike.

2. Is there a font that resembles this logo (the line is relatively thin and always of the same width, letters have these unusual serifs and ornaments in the middle which I don't know the name for)

Thank you very much


The basis for the design is described by its designers HERE.

Depending on which characteristics are prominent, it might also be described as an ironwork font, a wood font, a tuscan design, etc. The middle ornaments are often called spurs, and are common on Western typefaces.

- Herb

Thank you Herb. You've helped me a lot.

I've already seen the designers description but couldn't find much googling "ironwork font" or "sport insignias". But tuscan design you mentioned returned good results. Actually, when I looked for "tuscan monoline" I found some similar letterings.

Do you maybe have know some good fonts similar to this logo. (Tuscan and relatively thin monoline. Also, hand-drawn look would be great.)

And do you have a suggestion where can I read more about tuscan lettering. I tried googling but I find it very hard to find some dictionary or encyclopedia-like article about the term.

Here's some descriptive material (found partially by googling for Tuscan Typeface History)
Rob Roy Kelley American Wood Type Collection
and here: http://tinyurl.com/bcbl8tv

It's not really a style that readily lends itself to a hand-written look.

Here's a vaguely similar font (which you've probably already found)
Ironworks (Fonts.com)
There are a number here: Woodentypefonts.com
and here: MyFonts-Tuscan
Also, Letterhead Fonts has a large assortment of Tuscan fonts.

(Edit) And just found another one : Bruce Double Pica

- Herb

Thanks Herb
These links you gave me helped me a lot