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Keio typeface?

i recently moved to Tokyo for a year. i noticed a beautiful font in the older stations of teh keio line, that has rounded "e" and a beautiful "g".
i like to find out who designed ti, if it's available, or start re-building it.


Sorry, can't find a match for this one but really would like to know. Reminds me of (obviously) Eurostile but there's a lot of differences.
More in the same vein, some possible candidates to base your customization on: Pragmatik (I like this one, you could even recreate this /e with the italic one), Myers Sans, Foundry Monoline

Reminds of (obviously) Eurostile but here's a lot of differences.

Structural, or cosmetic?


Structural, or cosmetic?

I don't clearly understand. Do you want me to say if I think it could be an outline theft or a rip-off? If that so, I just don't know and don't have skills and knowledge to clearly state it. I only said it reminds me of. Period. Just like Pragmatik, Myers Sans and Foundry Monoline remind me of Eurostile but being totally different.

No pressure intended. If you can't tell differences of structure versus surface that's not your fault, and everybody has different skills.


Okay, you two: settle down. The unusual treatment of the descenders leads me to believe that some enterprising Japanese type designer decided to repurpose Eurostile. Perhaps the marketing department (or, for that matter, the engineering department) of the train company can help you identify that person. I am willing to bet that it was a bespoke/custom job…

Do you think it was made from scratch?

BTW, I personally have no problem with Ryuk, if that matters.


Thanks Nick to confirm my thought about Eurostile. I clearly don't know if it could have been created directly from it though. May be some custom typeface by Maniackers Design?
For the rest, I confirm what hrant said, I have also no problem with Ryuk ;) and, of course, hrant. Was simply a bit surprised reading hrant's message. Thought he's suspected some outline theft and was seeking my confirmation. English is obviously not my mother language and there's no voice in any message so I probably took his message too peremptorily and feared to unintentionally start another witch hunting and be flooded by :D

I think the letters are Latin letters of Gona, a Japanese typeface before digital-era. They might have started with Eurostile to make those characters.

Good find! And worth adding to this:


BTW, Gona U (ゴナU), the heaviest weight of Gona (ゴナ), was designed by Yukihiro Nakamura (中村征宏) and was released in 1975 by Shaken (写研), which is a phototypesetting machine company. The other weights were developed by Shaken staffs under the supervision of Yukihiro Nakamura. The typeface was very popular in Japan before.

As usual, fantastic catch, Akira! You've probably remembered my "love" for Eurostile ;) It's always interesting to find (good of course) alternatives to (this overused and too much cheesy to my taste) Eurostile and always a great pleasure to discover more about typefaces thanks to you.

Does it matter if the alternative was authorized by the original designer(s)?


Akira-san, yoroshiku!, great knowledge. I had given up to look and rebuild it.
it's still work in progress but i used it on my blog: www.boyzandgirls.com/blog.
if anyone finds a company that offers a digital version i would love to know.
thanks again!, Anselm