Typography feedback on website

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Would anyone mind giving some feedback on the overall use of the chosen webfonts and design?

The webfonts used are:

Old Standard - My name, page titles, article numbers and article titles
Benton Modern RE - Body text
Benton Sans RE - Menu links, article dates, footer copyright and Kirby CMS info

The only thing I dislike about it is the dates under the article titles.

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Might help if I add a link.


Note: The page I linked is the only page that is somewhat complete.

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"THOUGHTS & OPINIONS" looks a bit small to me under that headline.
With that much leading you might need a wider gutter between the columns.
What would the dates look like in one of the serif types?

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I was trying to get the main focus on my name and then on to the articles section so I didn't want to set "Thoughts & Opinions" at a medium-large font-size. Basically that is why the menu and that title has a lower font-size. Anyway, I bumped it up 1 pixel and I think it works better with the menu already, what do you think?

I also changed the date to Benton Modern RE, thoughts on that as well?

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I think keeping the sans to the header and footer looks good.
Is that the default wordspacing in the article titles? For some reason it looks wide to me.
Also for your to-do list: making it work on mobiles:

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Yes, thank you. Everything will degrade gracefully on mobile before I push it live. That's for sure. The spacing between words is normal, it isn't altered in any way. The only dislike I have for Benton Modern RE on the dates is that the weight contrast between it and Old standard in the titles are too significant.

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