Germanic script

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Hi, wondered if anybody could give any information on this piece of lettering.
It's German — 19/20th century. I'm sure somebody could enlighten me
and perhaps point me in the direction of some accurate digital specimens?

Many thanks

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The lettering is essentially German handwriting, so there may not be an original typeface upon which it was based…

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Key word is Kurrent, sometimes also named with the improper term as Sütterlin.

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Ah, that's great. Thank you Renko.

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The image spells »Städtisches Kinderheim«, which means »Urban childrens home« if I’m not mistaken.

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Ah, ok that's perfect. It's the basis for a new logo for a well-known brand.

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The above photo is from

Sütterlin fonts are available, for example, from here:

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I’ll also point out our Flickr group with some interesting Kurrent samples:

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Thanks—I found all of this already. Thanks anwyay.

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