Half serif stems

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Half serif stems

Hi everyone!

This is my first attempt to get competent critique about my font. So please, Don’t beat me up too hard :)
I will be very appreciated about any critics and comments.
My first serif typeface I am trying to make a little bit retro, fashy, but contemporary.
It has 5 different serif shapes depending on the position of prominent parts of letters (maybe a little bit too complicated, but I like it).
I know there are still many things to work on and improve, but the main parts I am really not sure about are sharp ends of stems. The stems are the only parts without any serifs and I guess it makes the whole face unusual.
Please look at PDF files attached below.
I made the stems a little bit out of the baseline to prevent them to look shorter than next letters, but I think it still looks wired at large points. At sample "i" looks longer than next "l" and so on.. . May be I made them too sharp or too long? Is there any way to do not change the shape? Or may be I need to make the bottom parts of letters more consequent? Or it is Okay?
I need your opinions.

Thank you for your time and responce!