Help identifying this font

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Can someone help ID this font (including the smudged/dirty effect)?

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Looks hand painted to me, with some letters squeezed in to fit (such as the M in 'HANDMADE', everything BUT the M in 'HOMEGROWN', and that silly central peak in the 'W'. If by some chance the lettering IS a typeface, the smudge effects are definitely not part of it - see the two different D's in HANDMADE.
- Herb

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As said by HVB, could be all hand-drawn (even if I really doubt for such a small restaurant), cant' even state if this grunge treatment has been post applied or not. Anyway, here are some fonts in the same vein: Shelton (very close for "SMOKE" mixing upper and lowercases), Thunderhouse, Derailer, Blinc Pak (mainly Goshen), Wooddale, AZ Hello, Wormwood Gothic, Silvertone Woodtype (very close for "HOMEGROWN"), Toronto Gothic, Cheap Pine, Mocha Mattari, Crush
You may also have a look to Walden Font Co. and, probably the most interesting, Wood Type Impressions Vol. I & II by Without Walls.

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Thank you HVB & Ryuk. appreciate the guidance.

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