Help identifying this font

Can someone help ID this font (including the smudged/dirty effect)?


Looks hand painted to me, with some letters squeezed in to fit (such as the M in 'HANDMADE', everything BUT the M in 'HOMEGROWN', and that silly central peak in the 'W'. If by some chance the lettering IS a typeface, the smudge effects are definitely not part of it - see the two different D's in HANDMADE.
- Herb

As said by HVB, could be all hand-drawn (even if I really doubt for such a [[|small restaurant]]), cant' even state if this grunge treatment has been post applied or not. Anyway, here are some fonts in the same vein: [[|Shelton]] (very close for "SMOKE" mixing upper and lowercases), [[|Thunderhouse]], [[|Derailer]], [[|Blinc Pak]] (mainly Goshen), [[|Wooddale]], [[|AZ Hello]], [[|Wormwood Gothic]], [[|Silvertone Woodtype]] (very close for "HOMEGROWN"), [[|Toronto Gothic]], [[|Cheap Pine]], [[|Mocha Mattari]], [[|Crush]]
You may also have a look to [[|Walden Font Co.]] and, probably the most interesting, [[|Wood Type Impressions Vol. I & II]] by Without Walls.

Thank you HVB & Ryuk. appreciate the guidance.