Font ID?

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Can anyone identify the font for 'Lyons' please? I can't decide if it's an actual font or someone has touched up another one.

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Once upon the time, it could have been Baskerville (mainly because of /y ball terminal tail).

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Yes, it's one of the ones I looked at (among about a thousand others!) but I'm struggling with the top serifs on the /y and peculiar 'L'

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I guess it would be very easy to modify it, mainly removing some serifs:
- remove /L top right serif and round angle
- rework inner transition between vertical and horizontal stem
- remove /y inner serifs and round angles
- remove /n arch inner serifs

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Great job. I was more concerned with identifyng it though in case they want more types of artwork. Wish these people would ask their designers more questions!

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Andy, FYI if it is an actual font it's probably illegitimate since virtually any Baskerville cannot be redistributed (and many -maybe most- of them can't even be modified "internally").


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Thanks for the tip. I hope it turns out to be something I can use! I'm beginning to lean toward 'encouraging' them to use another...

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