Is this related to a known font?

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I would like to know if this Arigra logo on a 1920's - 30's trumpet is based on or related to a font of those years, (or is it a logo on it's own).

Could someone comment?
Thanks a lot!

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Don't have a match and really doubt there could be. Looks very "Victorian" to me. Some I like, far from being even loosely similar: Hensler 2, Chipping, Mexborough, Chipperly, Liberty, Symbol, Agora, Horndon, Letterhead, Solotype catalog (Penny Arcade, Mural...), Hellenium, Sheridan Gothic, Hensler,

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Thanks. The Chipping was 'inspired by Edwardian and 1920s letterforms'. So that makes sense..
I should have added that the trumpet is Czech, Bohemian.

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