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Star Wars Font

Does anyone know what font this is or what font would be similar? It's the text at the bottom of the original Star Wars poster. Thanks.


Very poorly spaced ITC Serif Gothic…

Wow nice, everything looks good except for the "E". Any ideas on what that could be?

It's the alternate E. It included several alternate letters back in the seventies when it was released. Not sure if they are available in any of the digital versions.

Tasci Sans

Are you joking? The Star Wars poster is over 20 years older than that font. It's definitely Serif Gothic. Here's the full character set that was included when it was released:

Do you know where I can access that version of the sans serif?

How can I get the Serif Gothic Light listed above? I have searched everywhere and can't find the version that has the f and z with the 2 next to them.