Type ID Request: Heavy All Caps Compressed Face

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Hi there, thanks in advance for help, looks like a Trade Gothic, Akzidenz, anyone know just by looking? Thank you kind people!

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How about: Corpus Gothic Condensed
(need to find condensed style.

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Thanks you. I can't find that URW Accidalia font anywhere. Does it exist?

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The bold text in fvilanakis' post is a link.

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Accidalia seems to have been pulled off the market. Why?


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i'd be so tempted to just use Helvetica Condensed Black.

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@Theunis de Jong That is a link but it doesn't really go to anything usable. Seems like an obscure font that's no longer available ;) But an excellent ID!

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Hey there, a little bump to try and help ID this face?

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