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astroluxtype's Koo Koo Puff new font release.

Does the world really need one more vernacular pop culture typeface? We here, at astroluxtype shout a resounding yes!

Sure, you can find the apex of fine font design that will have your mind and eyes burst with joy at the level of sophistication and craftsmanship they exhibit- Koo Koo Puff Condensed and Light Condensed are not one of those fonts. But if kooky goofy is your thing, we're selling it at the astroluxtype booth.

Koo Koo Puff Light Condensed is the companion font to Koo Koo Puff Regular Condensed. Both fonts includes an upper and lowercase glyph set. It has a different upper and lowercase “O” from the original Koo Koo Puff Regular Condensed. Spacing metrics are looser, as well. The font is not a match for Regular Condensed, it is a separate font. Both are headline display faces, for optimum usage it is recommended, not be set smaller than 48 points in size.

Look to astroluxtype’s Sugarbang! as the first in a series of fonts inspired by vintage product packaging, Koo Koo Puff is the second release in the Cerealboxx series. The third font is in the fridge getting cool now, watch for it in the future. http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/astrolux/koo-koo-puff


Best to re-post this on the Release board.

I have two versions on the release board one of which I want to delete. Thanks for the heads up. Any info on how to get something to the news section?

1. Send me the url of the duplicate thread you want deleted — typographer@gmail.com
2. What do you mean by “news section” ? If you want to have it on two boards, simply post it twice. But be warned, we are developing a new spam filtering system and are still working out the bugs.