Can anyone help me identify this font?

Can anyone help me identify this font?.
I have tried in whatfontis, what the font, my fonts, font bros and many others, but with no luck.

Any help will be useful !!!.

"The font belongs to a few models of bycicles from haro bikes between the years 2000/01"



Most likely hand-drawn. Look at the repeated letters and see how different they are. You could look at comicraft, blambot, and some horror font sites for vaguely similars. Herb

I can only confirm what Herb said. I'd like to add some links to resources I hope you'll find helpful, mainly tags at MyFonts and DaFont section: "[[|rap]]", "[[|graffiti]]", "[[|hip hop]]", "[[|tag]]", "[[|tagging]]", [[|Graffiti section at DaFont]], [[|some suggestions]] from a previous discussion

Thanks for responding so fast!

Looks like I'll have to keep sending mails to haro. So far I haven t received a response from them.