Resonance Display Typeface In Progress

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Still have a few numbers and punctuation to do but any crits would be appreciated.

RESONANCE.pdf (508.3 k)

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Hi there. I guess my last post didn't make it. My laptop ran out of juice during my upload. Well moving along. I think this is a very innovative design, I have seen this direction in type design before and I have been racking by brain trying to figure out where I saw similar type of work. Regardless this type of work is very interesting as an artistic expression. I am wondering if there is any (for lack of a better term) sacred geometry applied. I see repetition of circles and angular strokes. Kris could you please elaborate on your general concept. Was a few of the forms from a logo you created and then decided to expand on the design and build a full face?

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I think perhaps the late 1980's/Early 1990's work of Berlin based Ott+ Stein used a character or two similar to your work in their designs.

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Thank you for the comments and critiques. This display typeface was actually conceived for a graduate class in Typography. The general idea came out of looking at Wolfgang Weingart's My Way to Typography, a book on Frank Lloyd Wright, and various other sources like Metropolis magazine. In addition I was looking at research by Nikola Tesla and his theories on acoustic resonance--hence the name.

All of these sources seem to "resonate" something to me and came together through my sketches. I wanted to create an original typeface that reflected my interests in several areas of contemporary design. And even though my background is not in architecture, I often draw from other media and disciplines for inspiration.

Also, I can perhaps see the resemblance to Ott & Stein's work, but this was not a source I looked at when researching.

Keeping a consistent look and feel for each letter and number is difficult and I will continue to develop my designs. Again, I appreciate any and all comments/crits.

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I have seen similar type design before, although this one is certainly unique. I wonder why you created it. Was it project specific, a partial alphabet design from a branding/identity job,
a consumer face or just experimental. As you may have anticipated the critique would be with regards to consistancy.
Some character need a bit more work. The numerals are great, why not add old style numerals. I will try to think of where I have seen this type of design before.

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I'm sorry to see no one has commented yet. I think this is remarkable.
I love the drafting/architectural feel. It's like techno-deco.
There is room to create useful alternates like an A that leans the
other direction (a la Avant Garde Alts) for fitting with upright
letters to its right.

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