Suggestions on how I find someone to stylize a few words for a logo?

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Suggestions on how I find someone to stylize a few words for a logo?


I'm not sure if this is an appropriate question for this group or not...but here goes. I work at a school within a university, and I'm looking to hire someone to stylize the name of our school so that it works well with the university's official text logo.

Of course there are plenty of graphic designers around, but I'd like to work with someone who specializes in fonts...b/c that's what I'm dealing with...stylizing four words within the context of a university logo that includes three elements: university / school / department.

Any suggestions on how to go about finding someone who might be a good fit for this small job?

thanks in advance for any ideas.


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You'll need to narrow things down so you find the right kind of person. First order of business: What's your budget? Second order of business: How important is it to find somebody local?


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Some great lettering artist recommendations here:

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You might want to touch base with whoever at the university is in charge of their logo and identity. They may have specific rules about what's permitted regarding fonts, etc. They may also want to recommend a specific designer (perhaps a designer on their staff or the design firm that developed their identity).

At larger universities there may be an office devoted solely to identity rules and enforcement. A friend of mine does just that at a major university; most of his time is spent finding people using their logo without permission (on souvenirs, clothing, etc) and suing them. At smaller universities it may be someone in the office in charge of marketing and publications.

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1st choice: Laura Worthington

2nd: http://me

good luck!