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Identify this Script Font please

Could someone please help identify the script font here:

Thanks in advance!


the letters seem different to me, as if by hand. in fact most of the examples on that site seem to be so. (which is appropriate to the quality of work they seem to state they do).

however there are tons of script fonts out there to choose from. just a couple of examples...


There are 2 different scripts on this wedding invitation. "your response is requested by"/"dress to impress" is Bickham Script (using some stylistic alternates). Unfortunately, that's a different story for "Angela and Justin" which is clearly stated "custom hand lettering with personalised monogram". You may have a look to the work of Emily Lime, Laura Worthingthon, Jessica McCarty, Crystal Kluge, Manuel Corradine, Alejandro Paul, Maximiliano Sproviero and Sabrina Lopez. Carolyna could be, for instance, an excellent substitute.

Thanks for your help