Victorian Font

Hello, Does anyone know a font similar to the one Barnum & Bailey is set in? I realize this is tilted, but there must be a roman around...Thanks!


I would guess this was hand lettered. Compare the cap S's. Something that could fill the bill as a starting point would be Albertus Black or Flange Medium Italic. You would still have to oblique it and try to condense to match. Or just hire a guy with a big red nose to redraw it.

Agree with previous comment, definitely hand-lettered.
Some I like for this kind of job: Highway by Dan Cassaro, Hensler 2, Chipping, Mexborough, Chipperly, Liberty, Symbol, Agora

Thanks! This was super helpful.

Highway by Dan Cassaro no longer at his website.

View at

Agree with previous comments, that this is definitely a hand lettered sample. For something similar, another good alternative might be Doncaster.