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Victorian Font

Hello, Does anyone know a font similar to the one Barnum & Bailey is set in? I realize this is tilted, but there must be a roman around...Thanks!


I would guess this was hand lettered. Compare the cap S's. Something that could fill the bill as a starting point would be Albertus Black or Flange Medium Italic. You would still have to oblique it and try to condense to match. Or just hire a guy with a big red nose to redraw it.

Agree with previous comment, definitely hand-lettered.
Some I like for this kind of job: Highway by Dan Cassaro, Hensler 2, Chipping, Mexborough, Chipperly, Liberty, Symbol, Agora

Thanks! This was super helpful.

Highway by Dan Cassaro no longer at his website.

View at http://designenvy.aiga.org/highway-typeface-dan-cassaro/

Agree with previous comments, that this is definitely a hand lettered sample. For something similar, another good alternative might be Doncaster.