URGENT!! Help required! Sans Serif which I think maybe a part of the Gothic Family

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Hi all,

My apologies for first post on this forum being one of needing assistance. I've only just discovered this forum and intend to participate in contributing in the future.

I have an urgent request to identify the font in the image. I'm sure it's a Gothic font of some sort but I've had no success on identifying it. Any help would be most appreciated.



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By the way, I know it looks very much like Gotham Rounded but the 'E' doesn't correspond.


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It looks very much like Gotham. Keep in mind, if this is a logo it's very easy to customize characters. In fact it's preferred so that the logo isn't a dead-match for a particular font. You might also compare to Avenir and Proxima.

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Some more close candidates: [Bad link], [Bad link], [Bad link], [Bad link] (Text or Grotesque), [Bad link], [Bad link], [Bad link], [Bad link], [Bad link], [Bad link], [Bad link], [Bad link], [Bad link]

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