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Typing in Yiddish

Dear Forum

I am very brand new to this.

I really wish to create a PROPER Yiddish font, since I
type a whole lot in that language.

I won't go into details now.

I am trying to use Font Creator to make the font.

But I have a whole lot of problems.

I want to use the font with Microsoft Word

I need a lot of help, especially with the left to right - right to left problem.

I have no trouble creating the glyphs I need. They are based on a simple
Hebrew font with about 10-15 additional glyphs, which are used only
in Yiddish.

I do not need any Latin characters, but I want to be able to use both
upper case and lower case to create the needed new glyphs

If you think you can help me,
like to have somebody as a kind of mentor to get me through this.

I am willing to spend a lot of time with this, but I need some direction,
especially at first.

Contact me at


I will surely reply to any responses,

Thanks a lot

David Tal

Haifa, Israel.

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You should not have any problem if you just follow the pattern of any standard Hebrew font and put your glyphs in the Unicode range 0590-05FF.

I can't understand what you are referring to by upper/lower case.

Some info on how Unicode does special Yiddish things is at


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I do not need any Latin characters

You don't have to make a Latin (for one thing it's certainly a ton more work) but since many people will need a Latin font to use alongside, you should choose an existing one to be compatible with in certain ways, such as color (darkness), apparent size (how big each script looks), etc. And if you've already settled on all those things, it's worth the effort finding a Latin font that harmonizes with your design, to recommend to people.