Type ID Help: Compressed Bold Sans

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Anyone know this one? Thank you!

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I believe it is a version of DIN. however, seems like the naming is a bit odd, so providing you with a specific name might be misleading. Perhaps another poster can assist, or you can check myfonts.com and locate it.


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Agree with Jodie. Also thought it could be DIN Condensed (mainly because of this /S) but as the sample is very small, I decided not to speak. Now I know she could think the same, I believe it could be Engschrift (aka DIN 1451 Engschrift), a condensed version of DIN but different from the "regular" FontFont one. The big difference for this sample is the /O which looks to match Engschrift.

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visiting the magazine site provides more samples, and the whatfont browser tool shows this:

but locating the right link and verifying is not my forte, especially when it comes to this font.


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Thank you kind people of the internets ;)

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