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What are these cursive, handwritten script fonts?

Hi there! I would like to know what these fonts are. One of them is taken from the header image of http://www.laurenslatest.com/ and I can't remember the origin of the other one.

Thanks in advance! :)

p.s. i'm not too sure how to describe these fonts, hope the terms, cursive and handwritten script, fit the bill.


"Lauren's Latest": http://Lavanderia by James T. Edmonson

Wow, that was fast. Thanks for your help!

"Everyone has bad days": Pacifico by Vernon Adams


Hi - can someone identify the name of this scriptish font?


your sample looks (to me) like a mix of fonts. I'd suggest Cezanne for the caps, and perhaps Rodin for the lowercase.

edit: and, I'd suggest when you need assistance, create a new thread to prevent your request being overlooked or confusing the conversations.

Thank you!