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Logotype and Color Profile for Charity - all help is appreciated

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Vilgot Nilsson's picture
Joined: 3 Mar 2013 - 1:59pm
Logotype and Color Profile for Charity - all help is appreciated

Dear all,

First of all, I appologize if I posted in the wrong forum. I read the rules before posting but could not find any regulations regarding requesting help from fellow users. If I have broken any rules - please do not hesitate to lock or delete this topic.

I am in the process of starting up a small charity (donation predictions: below $9K a year, unincorporated). The charity will be geographical concentrated to the poorest parts of Africa in terms of GDP. As of today, the charity does not have any capital to speak of, and I can therefore not acquire professional design services from a bureau. My skills in InDesign and Illustrator are limited, and I could really need some help to create a Color Profile and a logotype (type/font) for the charity; or at the very least some professional advice about these matters.

Regarding Color Profile:

What type of colors should the charity use?
General advice when it comes to colors?
Your suggestions (color codes)?

Regarding Logotype

What font do you recommend?
General advice about logotypes?
Would you be able to help the charity by providing a suggestions/ an InDesign template?

I would happily provide you with more details about the charity, but I do not want to bore you with excessive information in the first post! Please feel free to reply to this thread. And if it not forbidden by the forum rules, I would happily give you my e-mail in a reply to this thread.

Thank you all! All advice/comments/suggestions are appreciated!

Nick Curtis's picture
Joined: 21 Apr 2005 - 8:16am

A large percentage of African nations use yellow, red and green in their flags—so, when in Rome…

Sometimes, the name of the organization for which a logo is designed suggests a particular typographic treatment. Care to share?

James Michaels's picture
Joined: 6 Mar 2010 - 12:54am

My suggestion would be to find a designer who is willing to donate some time to develop your logo, stationery, etc. Perhaps a design student at a local college.

Neil Caldwell's picture
Joined: 8 Jan 2010 - 12:11am

Hi Vilgot, for inspiration of a logo design and branding color scheme I'd like to share with y'all my friends gallery: hamillgallery dot com.

Take your time and go through all of their most awesome African stuff. The masks, the weapons such as sheilds, the figures, the textiles, etc., etc.. Look at the patterns and look at the color schemes ...we're taking awesome traditional motifs that are very current and seem very modern / timeless.

For just one example, but mighty powerful at that, check out the Yoruba beaded crown from Nigeria!!

Amazing color scheme(s) and there at least 3 or 4 strong logo inspirations you could glean from just that one example ...not to mention that bead work pattern alone. Beads strung together are a symbol of uniting.

As Nick asks ... what is the charity's name?