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Hello all, I just asked you for help with my business cards a while ago, I'll post a picture of one again on the bottom here, but the thing is that I used Hoefler's Whitney and Chronicle on them, and now I'm trying to design my website and I'm going for something very minimalistic, like the cards, and I want to make it all consistent, the cards, stationary, the site, but Hoefler's license doesn't allow their fonts to be used with @fontface, so I'm looking for alternatives I can use. Since the site will be mostly just text I want something really well designed, and a family with various weights and nice italics and small caps and all that would be great. And of course both typefaces have to work well together, on the webpage they'll interact even more than they do on the cards. They actually don't even have to be thaaat similar to Hoefler's, but I want to convey that same feeling the cards have and I don't want to make something dissonant. And I'll also use that same little couch you can see on the card, so the type has to work well with that too. Any suggestions?

Here's my card:

Ah, and I almost forgot... the site's in portuguese, so it has to be a font with diacritic marks and accents and all. I've been looking at some of the typefaces from The League of Moveable Type and most of them won't work for me because of that, which is very disappointing.

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Update: I think I'm going with Adobe's Source Sans for the sans-serif. What do you guys think? Too obvious? Any better suggestions? And what serif do I pair it with?

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Source Sans is a good design. But you can't brand yourself with a font that anybody and their mother's botox guy can get for nothing.

Try this on for size: http://ernestinefont.com/
(Disclaimer: I had a hand in it.)


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