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Can you identify these two typefaces?

The monospaced one is used in James May's book 'How to land an A330 Airbus', and the grotesque one is from a 70's NASA technical report. Any pointers will be highly appreciated. Thanks.


The monospaced letters (but unfortunately not the numerals) are very similar to ProFontWindows free font designed by Andrew Welch (SQ Software, 1987)

The grotesque is very close to http://ITC Franklin Gothic Book with small differences in /G, /1 (you can use /I) and /8

The grotesque from 70's NASA technical report reminds me of letterings done with Leroy Lettering Machine (including some suggestions for similars such as Leroy Lettering Light, Planscribe, Engineering Plot) Adding Gordon and Register Sans.
Unfortunately, I don't have a match for the monospaced either but I can point point to a direction that you may find helpful: NB55 by Neubauladen Stefan Gandl, http://NE Saber and Saber Hund, suprb ASCA and ASCA-D, Identikal Bennu Sans A and B, Gerusa, ARAME, Roundabout

Thanks for the prompt replies.

Leroy was a good pointer. I will pursue it further. Lineto's Gravur Condensed comes close as well.

Incidentally the monospace is also a Lineto creation called Autoscape. I had seen it in use in a degree project, and I managed to track down the guy, who then passed on the name to me. There is an obvious connection to ProFont like you mentioned.