Can you identify these two typefaces?

The monospaced one is used in James May's book 'How to land an A330 Airbus', and the grotesque one is from a 70's NASA technical report. Any pointers will be highly appreciated. Thanks.


The monospaced letters (but unfortunately not the numerals) are very similar to [[|ProFontWindows]] free font designed by Andrew Welch (SQ Software, 1987)

The grotesque is very close to [['s&wrap=2|ITC Franklin Gothic Book]] with small differences in /G, /1 (you can use /I) and /8

The grotesque from 70's NASA technical report reminds me of letterings done with [[|Leroy Lettering Machine]] (including some suggestions for similars such as Leroy Lettering Light, Planscribe, Engineering Plot) Adding [[|Gordon]] and [[|Register Sans]].
Unfortunately, I don't have a match for the monospaced either but I can point point to a direction that you may find helpful: [[|NB55]] by [[|Neubauladen Stefan Gandl]], [[|NE Saber and Saber Hund]], suprb [[|ASCA and ASCA-D]], Identikal [[|Bennu Sans A and B]], [[|Gerusa]], [[|ARAME]], [[|Roundabout]]

Thanks for the prompt replies.

Leroy was a good pointer. I will pursue it further. Lineto's Gravur Condensed comes close as well.

Incidentally the monospace is also a Lineto creation called [[|Autoscape]]. I had seen it in use in a degree project, and I managed to track down the guy, who then passed on the name to me. There is an obvious connection to ProFont like you mentioned.