Help ID font/Modern/Crisp

Would like to know which font these are. I'm normally dabbling with serif but these caught my eye for a project I'm working on. Any thoughts? Thanks!


ISPO MUNICH: Good Times with ISPO manually rounded
poc: very "Eurostile". Looks "most probably custom" to me (possibly no optical correction on /p descender), everything redrawn starting from /o (/c = /o - cut ; /p = /o + vertical stroke). 2 solutions, the quick way Saturn (but outlines don't perfectly match) and the (not so) long way Reversal (needing customization as described above but /o outlines looks to match)

Ryuk, thank you for your help! Are these types in the category as Geometric or Humanist? I'm finding some similar fonts listed in those two categories. I'm still searching for the right font to use. Many that I see on golf packaging are eye-catching and I'm looking in that direction. Thanks again for your help!

I'd say "techy geometric sans". First one is very "Sci-Fi lettering" (I can easily imagine it on spacecraft door). Second is simply "very Eurostile" to me.
You can have a look to Ray Larabie Typodermic fonts, FontFabric Fonts (some more including freebies here), Test Pilot Collective and Identikal. My favorite at this moment is Carl Crossgrove Biome.
My 2 cent now. Using this kind of fonts is visually risky. They're surely cheesy and appealing, love them at first sight but they're far from being timeless, you can get tired of them very quickly.

Thank you for your time and sharing your thoughts, which I really appreciate. I like your viewpoint in that these fonts are cheesy but appealing and that we can rapidly tire of them as opposed to those that are timeless. I agree with you regarding Biome and the Pro Semi Bold looks fantastic.

The project I'm working on entails a logo for a hiking tour/guide who currently has a standard logo. The one I'm looking to design is one for a weekend hike taking place, which will not be used for long-term. Some shirts, brochures, water bottles, and keepsakes will be made for the special occasion.

It will read "higher" (upper case/lower case to be determined) and I was looking for inspiration.
I came across this backpack at http://Eddie Bauer as the color caught my eye. The logo seems clean and to the point. My guess is they're using Helvetica, possibly?

The logo at the top of the pack and the name at the bottom of the pack as well, are the ones I'm looking at. I'm interested in possibly using a type similar to this. I'm going to look at the glyphs on the fonts you've linked to and see how the letters may look.


Definitely Helvetica(-like) to me. A bit too polite, neutral (tasteless) and serious to me for this kind of job.
Some I like: Stainless, QType, Soho and Soho Gothic, United, Genos, Norwegian, Resea, September, RBno2.1 and RBno3.1, Olney, Exo, Joey, Hall

That is a nice selection you've listed. I like QType and Soho Gothic. I'll take a look at these and review further. Thank you!

Still working out a few kinks and am interested in finding the fonts pictured here. I got them from the Nike Golf site and would like to know if anyone might have an idea as to which fonts they might be. Thanks.

Could be Bistumishi... Or a custom job as almost all Nike fonts.

EDIT: confirming Bitsumishi with VRS COVERT logo

Once again, very good eye. I have a hard time naming fonts and much more with these modern type fonts. Thank you for your help, it's greatly appreciated.