Font ID: serif, with numbers only

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Anyone have any ideas? I ran this sample through a couple of other font ID sites with no matches yet.

The story behind this font, in case it helps in any way:

My boss had me redo a set of business cards for a number of new recruits, but he doesn't have the originals, so I'm tasked with recreating them from scratch. I scanned his card in and re-arranged the numbers so as to not reveal addresses/phone numbers.

The curious thing is that all the alphabetical letters were done in Century Gothic, but the numbers were done in this unknown font, and thus I only have the numbers as a sample.

The closest match I've found so far is Courier, but differences are still there.

Any insights are much appreciated!

Thank you in advance,

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i'm sure it's not correct, but i did find a font called Buttzilla while looking. just thought i'd share :)

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and to be more of use check out Levinim. maybe the alphas were this, and not CG?

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If Levinim had the texture of Buttzilla, it would be a perfect image match. :)

Thanks, defiantone!

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hopefully you aren't trying to match the texture. that's just dots from the printing process. looks like the text sample you have was printed at oh, maybe 80% instead of 100% black.

and i still want to know where the name came from, relative to naming a font like that. made me giggle after reading a blog about farts in yoga class.

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