(x) ElectroVapours logo, similar to Frutiger- Myriad {Yves}


I've been asked to vector a logo for a company, I was sent this image and was asked how much I would charge to vector it ( in GBP £). I think the font might be frutiger but I'm not 100% sure. I also don't have the license to frutiger and I'm not sure they do either.

How much money do you think I should be charging to vector a logo like that and what do you think I should do about the font license? Could I get away with just pen tooling it? If I vector this image for them, who is liable for the font? Could I get in trouble?
If someone else designed the font for them, am I allowed to effectively copy their work?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



This is Myriad. Purchase a license; if you don’t need anything else from the family just the single weight. The job will be done so much faster and accurately. We have a saying here in Belgium that roughly translates as: “Avarice betrays wisdom.” (It rhymes in Dutch). :)

What he said. Just because it might not be illegal doesn't mean it's cost-effective. :-)