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Exhibition of my Work at Convergence Gallery

Saturday, March 16, 2013
1801 N Quaker Lane Alexandria, VA 22302

Convergence - A Creative Community

A fundraising concert will be at Convergence in Alexandria, VA. Proceeds go to help the 7 Sopranos® perform at Carnegie Hall in New York in October. Come join the 7 Sopranos® for an evening of music, art and champagne!
Ruth Locker, my wife, is the Pianist and will accompany the 7 Sopranos® concert

Enjoy the performance, take a sip of champagne during the intermission and experience the artwork of Chris Lozos. Free admission, but donations are accepted. Donations will go toward supporting Convergence and help 7 Sopranos® get one step closer to Carnegie Hall!


Wish I could see the show. Hope you have a great time!

You should tweet this (unless I missed it).

experience the artwork of Chris Lozos

Flash back moments to follow I hope.

Good luck Chris!