Identify Typefaces in Poster (need it for my Typography assignment)

Hi TypoPhiles,

I'm in a Typography class at my school and this week we had to find a poster created during the digital revolution. Attached is the one I found. We have to also discuss the typefaces used in the poster and since I couldn't find any info on the web about the ones in this poster I thought I would ask the experts here.

If you could help me with this I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


LIGHTYEAR EPICS (top)/AVENTURES LIGHTYEAR (bottom right): Mostra Nova
BUZZ: close to Nickerbocker by Nick Curtis (may be horizontally mirroring /B?)
TRUE/THIS ISSUE: close to Red Star

Thanks, Ryuk! Very much appreciated :) What do you think was used for the title—Beyond Infinity?

Anyone else?

Did you try and

You will have to do some Photoshop work to create crisp cropped B&W specimens though.

If you look closely at Beyond Infinity you can see brushstrokes. That's pretty conclusive evidence that it was hand-painted.

you could potentially use http://this font to customize your text.

Can't find a match for "beyond infinity". 2 solutuons now:
- redraw it by yourself (not so hard as it's 'only' rectangles and strokes) and extend glyph set for assignment
- modify and adapt one of these ones: Stiff Staff, Age, File, Kvant
Having a look to some sections at DaFont might be helpful too:,, and

Thanks for the replies everyone. Very helpful. Typophile rules!

"Beyond Infinity" must be http://Yukarimobile free font by Vic Fieger (2007)

Thanks Fivos! Knew it was something I've already seen but was struggling on it. "The", "Of" and "RUNAWAY ROCKET" are probably fonts too but I still can't get my hand on them.

"The": probably an emboldened http://Thai Foon HB
"Of": very close to http://Dymaxion Script
"RUNAWAY ROCKET": must be http://Arbuckle Remix

...all by Nick Curtis

OMG, Fivos! You broke the internet :) Impressive software and knowledge you have... Nick Curtis is definitely Da man for this kind of job!

It's only software Ryuk and how to use it ;)
My type knowledge is still very limited, although I'm learning a lot everyday from you and other typophiles here in Typophile :)

Yukarimobile: Wasn't that poster created before 2007?


Software science is still science. I hate frustration, that's my motivation! And your software science is killer!

What was the 'digital revolution'?

That poster seems to try to be the antithesis of any sort of 'digital' aesthetic.

Wasn't that poster created before 2007?

The poster is actually a more recent http://giclée print by Mike Kungl.

Wow, you guys are still rocking. I searched all over, but the nearest I could find it was produced anywhere from 2000-now. This is from my textbook, "The first commercial computer was introduced in 1951, and computer technologies had been combined with photocomposition since the 1960s, but it was the introduction of the first personal computers in 1977 that marked the beginning of the Digital Revolution (Rabinowitz 38)."

Rabinowitz, Tova. Exploring Typography. Delmar, 2010-02-22.

Justin: Ah, thanks.

the first personal computers in 1977

The year we bought our PET. :-)


I got my first computer in 1994. It was a Packard Bell from a Rent-A-Center. Me and my roommate thought it was awesome—it had a 20 meg HDD and 64Kb of ram!