Round font from web comic

I'm trying to identify the font currently used for the dialogue in the webcomic "Scandinavia and the World":
The ided font would be used to do some fan work (an animated version of one of the strips I'm doing to learn the Harmony animation software).
Thank you!


Just for the sake of knowing better next time, and because I usually have in general no luck posting in forums, posts being 0 reply most of the time, I wanted to candidly ask if there's anything wrong with my request. I feel a bit like a loner ^_^
P.S. is it the link, so it's too spam like??

If no one answers, no one knows an answer. Nothing’s wrong with your request. Actually exemplary. But … no one knows the answer (until now unfortunately)

wooo hooo found it!

Waaa! Awesome! Thanks!