free didone numbers


A few years ago, there was some beautiful didone numbers, that you could get for free.
Now I have a situation where I need them and I just can't remember the name of the designer or anything that could point me to them.

The image linked here is close to what I have in my memories, maybe someone here sees what I'm talking about ?


These numerals were created by Erik Marinovich for the opening feature of Cincinnati Magazine annual ‘Where to Eat’ issue.
I can remember the http://Pompadour Numerals by Andy Mangold (which have been turned into font since) and the Christmas Numerals by Stereotypes Sasha Timplan.

No cigar, I think now, looking back, the designer was a girl.
Any way, for now I'll go with the Christmas numerals.
Thank you Ryuk, you've been helpful.

BTW Laurent, I just released a new set of numbers.
Not free, but almost. Only $15.